Hideaway Ball Team – Literally!

Barbara Demko provided me with a couple of pictures of folks on Buzzy’s front porch.  Here is one of the Hideaway Bar Young Men’s Ball Team relaxing on the porch.  Nice, even funny picture until you study it a bit.  Of the 9 individuals shown here, only four are still alive.

 From left to right – Wayne Knott, Bobby Demko, Jay Knott, Will Mettam, John Hale, Steve Madjeski, Steve “Winkie” Lengel, and Chris McKay.  Not sure who that is sitting to Chris’ left.   Wayne died of a heart attack, Bobby and Will from cancer, John Hale from a job-related accident, Steve Madjeski from a car accident.  Jay, Winkie, Chris and the guy on the end are still around.

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