It’s Raining

Listening to the rain outside, reminds me of the first 45 record I ever purchased.  Of all the “rain” songs I’ve heard and liked since then, this is the  one that’s still etched in my mind.  Maybe because I only played it a couple zillion times!
Here’s an excerpt from an interview with the song’s writer John Gummoe in which he talks about having written the song when he was in the Navy aboard ship:   I was standing midwatch up on the bridge of the ship. It was raining and storming outside. I was pretty much up there by myself and I was probably feeling lonely. I had my pad and paper and I was just fooling about with different ideas. I had the title in my mind for quite a long time. I just liked the sound of it. And that title is not sung anywhere in the song. the first line of the song is ‘Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…’

To read the rest of the interview with Mr. Gummoe  click here. 

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