Reagan’s Hair

A young lady with “colorful” hair similar to that of the lady here in this photo to the left, was recently in Buzzy’s Country Store.  It reminded me of an incident with my daughter Reagan who has the most beautiful red hair (see pic below.) 
A few years back when Reagan came home from college for a weekend visit, she had dyed her hair a purplish shade of black.  I was taken aback and did not care for it at all, but kept mindful of my “major on the major, minor on the minor” approach to parenting and didn’t say anything to her about it.  That is until we went to Sunday morning Mass.  
As we sat in a pew near the back of the Church, I did a quick scan and located at least four other young girls who had tried to dye their hair and guess what color they had tried to dye it to – red!  I leaned over to Reagan and said, “Now just take a look.  You’ve got the color that all these other girls are trying to copy!”  I don’t know if that comment resonated or not with her, but Reagan never dyed her hair purple again!

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