Tips for the Handsome Proprietor

Then there is the story of Starbucks being sued for having a tip jar. A teenager stole a tip jar from a Starbucks and when another customer gave chase, fell down and died, you know the rest of the story click here.
Despite my business model to not change anything in the Store once I bought it from Buzzy, I did eliminate the tip can that he used to have  on the counter.   I just couldn’t get past the sign he’d placed on it “Tips for the Handsome Proprietor.”  Buzzy would use the tip proceeds to fund his annual Christmas party.  I remember Berta telling me “Buzzy never would let me keep any of the tip money.”  (I’m not sure how much of an issue that was because Berta, like me, did not receive that many tips in the first place!)
However, once Jenny, Terri and Larry began honchoing the counter, the tips started flowing.   So we now have a tip jar which is actually a plastic cup that reads simply “Tips.”  Unlike the Starbucks situation above, I don’t think I ever have to worry about someone stealing the Buzzy Tip Jar/Cup!

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