Next Great American Restaurant – Miss Hattie’s Stuffed Ham?

Last Sunday night Pam and I watched Bobby Flay’s “Next Great America Restaurant” reality T-V show.  Contestants compete to try and convince Bobby and three other foodies to  invest in their restaurant idea click here. As we were watching, I told Pam that we should have tried out for the show and pitched a restaurant that featured Miss Hattie’s Stuffed Ham sandwiches.  (See previous blog post on Miss Hattie’s Stuffed ham.)  
Pam liked the idea but didn’t think that the “stufffed” ham description would play nationally and we would need a catchier name.  However, she really didn’t care for my followup suggestion of “Pam’s Ham.”  Check out the show tonite at 8:00 on NBC and see what you think. (Wonder how Tommy and Julie Courtney would have fared on this show!?)

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