Zig-Zag Man

I came across this item when I was looking for a photo of some rolling papers for the post on Buzzy and Clyde.

Stanley Mouse was a graphic designer who did several album covers and posters for various rock bands.  The following details one of his more interesting accounts  click here and scroll down in which he “appropriated” the Zig-Zag man for a poster (left) and expected to be sued by the Zig-Zag company.  Turns out that because the Zig-Zag folks were restricted from advertising their product, they were glad for the free publicity!

Buzzy used to sell Zig-Zags.  However, when he received some negative customer feedback having to do with the hassles of combining the two Zig-Zag papers, it led him to settle on carrying E-Z Widers instead.   That Buzzy, always listening to his customers!

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