Les Andelys, Normandy, France

Postcard View of Castle at Les Andelys
View Atop Castle Ruin with Our Tour Boat Docked Below

Pam and I, along with our friends Robert and Iris Willey just returned from a trip to Normandy, the northern-most province in France.  It is filled with old churches, castles, scenic towns and of course the military D-Day landing beaches.  Shown here are pictures of Les Andelys where our boat docked and we took a side trip up to an old castle ruin.    In ancient times when Normandy was part of England, Richard the Lionheart had the castle built to act as a toll booth of sorts and to control access into the area.    Richard was King of England but lived in France.  Our tour guide said that Rickard did not want to live in England due to  “its having bad weather, bad wine and bad food.”  (Richard did not mention the quality of English women but that may have been because there were rumors about which side of the castle he liked to hang his sword.)   

In strolling thru the town we came upon this restaurant/bar.  Nothing special about it as there are sundry places like this on just about every corner of every little French town you wander into.  What caught my eye however, was the sign above the windows that read O’Burnout.  It was either the restaurant’s name, a type of French grilling technique or some Irish-French dude with a sense of humor.


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