Mast and Dent’s General Stores (Pt. 2) and the Green Door Tavern

I have previously mentioned the Mast General Store (click here) but thanks to Kim Wiley below  is a video featuring Mast and other North Carolina country stores 
Just yesterday I stopped in Dent’s here in Tall Timbers and as always was impressed by how well David and Andy Dent run that operation.  (For previous post on Dent’s (click here.)  If you have never been to Dent’s or to their Chief’s Bar located in the rear of the Store you should check it out.  In addition to Andy’s stuffed ham sandwiches that you can pick up from their deli, they now have a full menu of other food selections for you to enjoy.  For their website click here.

Then on my way down the road I saw my buddy Brian Tarleton pull into his place of business the Green Door and stopped to catch up with him.  Brian has owned the Door for close to 30 years now and I always appreciate his take on things in general and the bar business in particular.  Check out the Door’s Facebook page click here. Maybe someday I’ll do a video similar to the one below and feature Dent’s, the Green Door and Buzzy’s!

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