Red Heads

There is a sports story going around about a redheaded college quarterback named Andy Dalton and his NFL draft prospects. One NFL talent scout has questioned Andy’s potential by asking “Has there ever been a redheaded NFL quarterback who has done really well?” click here.
Having four red headed children, I’ve always been a little sensitive about what I call “red head bias.”  You  already know the stereotype of red heads as being fiery and hot tempered,  but next time you watch a movie or a T-V show, keep your eye on any character with red hair.  Invariably that person will be either the wild child, the slut, or the murderer.  And to this day I always cringe a bit whenever I hear the expression “red headed step child.”

Back to Mr. Dalton, the Redskins need a good young quarterback.  Their previous red headed quarterback is now in the NFL Hall of Fame. So much for the NFL scout’s above assessment.  But then again, Sonny and Fran Tarkenton are about the only ones I can think of.  (Here’s another story about looking for top red headed NFL qb’s  click here. )

Also, found this short video commercial that’s worth a look because a) it’s from that time when tobacco products could be advertised on T-V and b) I’d forgotten all about Edie Adams who guess what – was a red head!

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