All My Children – Minus One

Planning for family dinners on the holidays always leads me to think about the one who won’t be here, my oldest daughter Ryan in Honolulu.  To the left is what I call my Hawaii 6-0 picture of Ryan and me atop Diamond Head.
On the day of my birthday in February, Ryan and I trekked up to the top of Diamond Head.  It’s not even a mile hike, but it involves numerous switchbacks up a rocky path.  Then, very near the top of the climb are 90 steep steps to negotiate.  (For a better description of the hike  click here.)
Once Ryan and I reached the top of Diamond Head, she proceeded to announce to the other hikers milling around taking photo’s and enjoying the view, “Hey everybody this is my Dad and today is his 60th birthday.” Whereupon, they all began singing Happy Birthday to me. Below is a video that gives you an idea of what the hike and the view are like.  It’s not bad, even if there isn’t a group at the top singing happy birthday to some out-of-breath 60 year old.

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