Small World

Joe Cullison, Grace, and John Wayne Raley

Nice couple were in the Store last week and  the young lady named Iris informed me that Grace Pratt was her Grandmother. Grace who passed away in 2007 (click here) was Buzzy’s cousin.  Iris then recognized the picture of the Kirsch Grandsons that I have posted behind the counter.  Turns out  that Jack and Joyce are neighbors of her parents’ Rob and Peggy Roberts.  
I then showed her this picture (left) taken at Buzzy’s 50th Anniversary Party in 2003 and she said she knew John Wayne from the ABC Lounge. 
Iris also informed me that she used to work with my daughter Reagan at the movie theater.  The only thing missing from this encounter was an Iris connection with Joe Cullison.  However, I’m betting that if she ever visits Lake Tahoe she’ll run into him too!  Too small a world for her not to.

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