Cash Trashing

Occasionally I receive currency with some weird things either drawn or written on them.  Turns out this defacing of currency is also known as “cash trashing” and has its own art genre.  For a sampling click here.
Whenever I receive marked up bills I usually just turn them into the bank.  However, I do have a couple of trashed bills that are currently posted in Buzzy’s Country Store.    Here’s the background on them and how they came to be trashed.
Before the previous presidential election, two of my Four O’clock Clubbers bet Capt. Jimmy Cullison that McCain would win the election.  We all know how that turned out but when the two  McCain bettors paid Jimmy their debt, each did so with dollar bills annotated as follows.  (Note that because it is still a crime to deface currency, I won’t divulge the names of the two defacers who wrote on the bills.  Let’s just say though, it wasn’t “Pat” “John” Forrest.)

“Jimmy, Best of Luck with the Obama Economy, Pat”

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