Fish Tournament Pt 2

Captain Jimmy and Winning Fish

Beth Joseph, Hospice Board of Directors President records the winning fish weighed in by Captain Jimmy Cullison.  Fish was caught on board Captain Phil Langley’s Chesapeake Charm and weighed in at 33.4 lbs.
My thanks to Beth, Mary Lou and Jimmy for all of their efforts in having the After Fishing Party at Buzzy’s Country Store.   Rain held off, it was a good party and everyone had a great time.  Couple other folks I’d like to single out include Bob Shaller for acting as our MC, and Gary Rue and the Smoke Creek Rounders for providing the music.  My thanks to Coach Jack Kirsch for his day-long efforts in preparing and serving up some great barbecue that Mary Lou and Jimmy had cooked for the event.  (Thanks to Jack, we raised $400 from food sales for Hospice.)  
Thank you to my step daughter Jennifer for helping out to keep everyone hydrated.  And thanks to my buddy Bobby Wright who was there early Saturday morning helping me set up and then came back early Sunday morning to help me clean up.  

Following the Fishing Awards Ceremony, Polock cranked up the karaoke and I thank him for keeping everyone entertained and rocking until late in the evening. 
And thank you to all of you who showed up and joined in the fun.  Buzzy’s take on a successful party always was – no one gets hurt, no one gets arrested and everyone has a good time.  I believe all three of those criteria were met! Thanks again!  (I’ll try and post video of the above weigh in of the winning fish on Buzzy’s Facebook site.)  Here are some additional photos:

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