Southern Maryland Traditional Music and Dance

My previous post about southwest Virgina’s traditional music scene made me think of our Southern Maryland Traditional Music and Dance (SMTMD) folks click here.  Shown here are members of SMTMD performing as the Bushmill Band led by John Garner (left) and Buzzy Fearns (center) when they played for us at Buzzy’s Car Show last year.  Other members included Bill Longley, Randy Stillwell, Jean Di Donato, Pat Houseman and Rich Fearns.  Since it was so hot outside that day, they set up and played inside the Store. 

As I was cleaning up that area of the Store the other day, I came upon their set list of tunes that they played that day.  

Note that the second song on this list is Waltz Across Texas.  If you play the Floyd Country Store video I posted the other day and listen closely, you’ll hear this song being played in the background too.  

I guess that means, for reasons totally incomprehensible to me, that people must like this song.   However, even with Bruce performing it in the video below, I just can’t bear to listen to it more than a few seconds.  See how long you can stand it.

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