Happy Father’s Day!

Wonder How This Ended

When it came to handy man, Harry Homeowner type repairs and renovations, Buzzy usually found someone else to do those sort of things for him.   However, I do recall him once breaking his back when he was cleaning up some things around the Store.  (That may have been the reason why he did not attempt much afterwards.)  
Behind the Store, an old shed had collapsed such that its A-frame roof was sitting flush on the ground.  Buzzy had borrowed a tractor but instead of just latching onto and dragging the collapsed roof to a burn pile out back, he thought he could collapse it by driving the tractor’s front wheels up onto the A-frame.  Seemed like a good plan until he drove two thirds the way up the roof’s incline and the tractor flipped over backwards on him, pinned him underneath and ultimately broke his back in the process. He eventually recovered from the accident but always had problems with his back after that.  Here’s wishing everyone a happy and safe Father’s Day.

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