If You Can’t Say Anything Nice….

Glenn, Jimmy, Karl, Harry, John and Buzzy 

Had a visit from Kay and Karl Hanson yesterday and it spurred me to dig out this picture of Karl, his Dad, brothers John and Glenn, Jimmy Roach and Buzzy.  Karl is retired and now resides in Matthew a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina.  He and Kay were back in the area checking things out.
We reminisced about his Dad having a house in RoDo Beach and of course shared several Jimmy Roach stories.  I’d repeat some of those stories for you but in keeping with the title of this post I’m going to give Jimmy a pass.   (For those of you who aren’t aware of it, RoDo Beach was named after Jimmy Roach and Phil Dorsey Sr. who were the primary property owners at one time.  Hence RoDo Beach.  Too bad Karl’s father wasn’t more involved in buying up property back then or it could have been named HanDo Beach. )

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