Jo Anne and Bruno I

Bruno I

Young couple named Andy and Lynn from Minnesota were in Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday.  Andy informed me that he was Leslie Majors grandson and that Jo Anne was his mom.  Mr. Majors, as I knew him, owned a place down Cornfield Harbor and was a good friend of Buzzy’s.  He had three kids, Jo Anne and her two brothers, and we all played together when we were kids growing up.
Andy then informed me that it was his mother who brought Buzzy the first Bruno.  When I told him I would like to talk to her about it, we phoned her at work in Minnesota.

Once on the phone, Jo Anne told me that back in 68 or 69 time frame she was working at an animal shelter in PG County where there was a big, mostly St. Bernard dog that they were getting ready to put down.  She asked the shelter folks to let her take the dog for the weekend and see if she could find a home for it.  On their way to Cornfield Harbor, Jo Anne and her Mom stopped in Buzzy’s to see if he knew of anyone who might be interested in taking the dog.  Buzzy then agreed to take it.

Jo Anne had an Uncle named Bruno who frequently visited Buzzy’s and drank

brandy.  Buzzy said he would name the dog Bruno after her Uncle.

(Sad footnote to this story however.  When I asked how Jo Anne’s brothers Andy and Steve were doing, she informed me that her older brother Andy was living in Houston but that her younger brother Steve had died in a car accident in the 90’s. Greg Madjeski was in the Store later in the evening and when I told him about this, I noted that there must be something about younger brothers named Steve who die young.)

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