Alcohol Tax Takes Effect Today

Good article from the Baltimore Sun explaining the new alcohol tax that goes into effect today click here.  Buzzy’s single beer and drink prices will increase by a quarter.  All off-premise sales will increase to cover the additional tax that Maryland now wants collected.  Good news is that 10 ounce single beers will remain at $2.00.  On Tasty Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays, all domestic beers including 10 ouncers will cost $1.75.
This is the first price increase here at Buzzy’s in the last 3 years.  Yet in each of those 3 years, while beer and liquor distributors have raised their prices, those increases were “eaten” and not passed along.  That, along with the new Maryland tax being assessed, means that “pub economics,” as the Sun article explains, drives a quarter increase.  
Non-profit entities such as the American Legion, FOP, Fleet Reserve etc. are exempt from the new tax assessment. 

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