Aunt Aileen

When Herbie McKay celebrated his birthday at Buzzy’s Country Store last Tuesday (19 July) he mentioned that his birthday coincided with my Aunt Aileen’s and Ben Forest’s birthdays.  Herbie remembered how back in the day it was quite the party at Buzzy’s on the 19th when all three of them would celebrate accordingly and the rounds would flow and flow.  
Photo here is of Aileen interrupting Edelen “Swoop” Morgan who was hiding out on Buzzy’s back porch where he probably thought that he could do his crossword puzzle in peace and quiet – two words which were never in Aileen’s vocabulary.  

My niece Katie Taylor recited the following at Aileen’s funeral on 6 April 2001:

Carpe diem – seize the day
take all your troubles and throw them away.
Let people know how you feel,
when you buy diamonds, make sure they’re real.
Don’t hold a grudge, but never forget,
pretend to live without regret.
Bask in the sun and ignore the rain,
end each meal with a glass of champagne.
Notice smiles but memorize tears,
don’t be afraid of your own fears.
Things aren’t always as bad as they seem,
and everything’s better with a little ice cream.
Say what you mean and mean what you say,

carpe diem – seize the day.  
Aileen was Buzzy’s younger sister and her first name was Veronica.  Although the Veronica in the following song is suffering from Alzheimer’s and not alcoholism as was Aileen’s problem, I still think of my aunt every time I hear it.

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