State Flags

If you google “best state flags,” Maryland’s will usually be ranked somewhere in the top ten  click here.
Shown here (left) is the Maryland flag flying at the end of my pier.  My neighbor Jim has a Virginia state flag flying from his pier and I thought it would be a good idea to remind him what state he is actually residing in.  However, the Virginia state flag (below) is not too bad either as it shows a woman with her foot on a man’s chest and represents the triumph of virtue over tyranny.  That’s a fairly dramatic and semi-violent depiction for a state that promotes itself as being for lovers don’t you think?  Hence, the Maryland flag is still number one in my book.  To learn more about the history of the Maryland flag click here.

A deep blue field contains the seal of Virginia with the Latin motto ” Sic Semper Tyrannis” – “Thus Always to Tyrants”. Adopted in 1776. The two figures are acting out the meaning of the motto. Both are dressed as warriors. The woman, Virtue, represents Virginia. The man holding a scourge and chain shows that he is a tyrant. His fallen crown is nearby.

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