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He’s in the Water and I’m Not

Well it was fun while it lasted but I can’t complain.  This summer has been the longest that I have been able to swim in the river without seeing or being stung by a sea nettle.  That I made it til the third week in July is a record.  Usually the 4th of July is the best we could hope for, but this year we’ve had a longer period.  Theories as to why the nettles have been late in arriving have to do with water temps, salinity levels and last winter’s cold weather as discussed in this article click here. So naturally all of this made me think of Jennifer Nettles (video below to Sophie B. Hawkins tune.)

Note:  The Chesapeake Bay monitoring site mentioned in the above linked article contains some good info on the Bay’s temps, salinity and oxygen levels.  For more info (click here.)

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