Keep Your Powder Dry – If You Can

Reminded Me of Irene Barnes

Bob Shaller is the Director of the County’s Economic and Community Development Department,  Here was what he had to say about this past week:

This week is one to remember. The question we’ve all (or been) asked is, where were you when the earthquake struck? We know now the continental proportions of Tuesday’s quake. This weekend mother nature will remind us again of the reaches of her fury. In the meantime we’ve lost a community member whose heart exceeded his large stature and then some. All these events remind us of our humility in the bigger picture. Much like in the economic storms that surround us, whether at the individual household level or globally, often we feel powerless amidst uncertainty and adversity. But it is in these very times of change that the American can-do spirit emerges, that new ideas are offered, that new ventures are launched. Necessity is the mother of invention. Get out of the rain, keep your powder dry, move to higher ground, fortify your flanks, all these cliches, while corny still ring true. In weather, in the economy, and in life.

Welcome September, Bob

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