Long Neck

View from Pat Birmingham’s back door this past Sunday morning.  Pat and his wife Pam live on Long Neck Creek in RoDo Beach.  Their home is across the creek from what was Buzzy’s home place now owned by my sister Donna Jean and her husband Jerry.  (Little aside I learned from Tommy Courtney:  any road that has “neck” in its name will have a sharp turn in it.  Hence if you look at this map of Long Neck Road (below) leading back to Long Neck Creek you’ll see the sharp turn in it.  Aside #2 – there are some confirmed stories of Dickie Cullison back in the day attempting to take the Long Neck turn at 100 mph in his Mustang; there are also confirmed stories that when he failed to do so, he ended up in the adjacent field.)  Long Neck Creek abuts Deep Creek and the two have a very narrow channel leading out into the Bay.  After Hurricane Irene, the channel may not be so narrow anymore.

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