Look, Up in the Sky

Us in the Reds’ Visitor Dugout

Brady and I were in Cincinnati this past Friday morning taking a tour of the Reds’ Great American Ballpark.  When we ventured out on the field, we noticed a guy with a yellow pennant standing behind second base.  He was looking skyward and talking on a walkie talkie.  Turns out that we had stumbled upon the Air force Academy parachute team practicing their landing in the Stadium prior to doing it later that evening just before the Reds-Nationals game.  Because Brady and I would grab a flight out of Cincy a few hours later in order to fly back home before Irene hit, we missed the pre-game landing shown below.   However, it was pretty cool to have had out own private show at their practice session.   (Video title here is incorrect as it was the Air Force Team that performed the landing.  Those Navy Seals are getting credit for everything aren’t they?!)

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