National Lighthouse Day – Sunday 7 August

This coming Sunday is National Lighthouse Day and of course I’m going to encourage you to ride down to check out the Pt. Lookout Lighthouse since Buzzy’s Country Store is on the way to it.  However, I will also suggest a visit to Piney Point Lighthouse which is located just up the beach from my home.  (Don’t bother dropping by my house because I’ll be, where else, at the Store.)  
In addition to having a nice museum and park, the Piney Point Lighthouse also has a marker showing where  a German U-boat (submarine) was captured during WWII and later sunk in the Potomac.  (Sounds a little like the scene in The Hunt for the Red October and the discussion on  where to sink the Russian sub.) 
Also at the Piney Point Museum are several torpedo’s which used to be tested here when the Harry Lundeberg School was a Navy Base click here for more info.  Torpedo testing was done in front of my house in what they call “the holler” in the river.  My buddy Robert Willey’s father used to talk about his days when he was in the Navy and was stationed here.  Warren Wince was also stationed here and I recall him telling me that the torpedo testing  involved them firing the torpedo and then chasing it down to measure and see how far it went.  Doesn’t sound too scientific but guess it was effective back then. 

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