Car Show Photo’s (pt. 1)

My buddy John Kalmus has forwarded me photo’s that he took at this past Sunday’s Buzzy Car Show.  John got some great shots but several of them require me to do some photoshop work to blur out the license tag numbers as I did in the shot below.   I’ll put all of John’s photo’s in a slideshow and post it later.  (Did make me learn how to use photoshop’s smudge tool however.)

As she was filming the above, Donna Wheatley said to me “Hope he doesn’t go too much longer. According to my timer, he’s been doing it for one minute and 15 seconds and my battery is starting to run low.” I believe he went another 20 seconds or so and only stopped then because a car was coming down the road. The ensuing “road on fire” shot was given a little help igniting.  I’m sure glad that it started to rain shortly afterwards as it helped to put out the fire.

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