Locksley Hall Pt 2

Following my Locksley Hall post the other day, someone asked about it on the Southern Maryland forums. To see the responses click here. Camp Brown is suggested a couple of times and from the physical descriptions would seem logical. However, I’m not so sure about that because the Camp Brown property used to be in my family and was commonly known as Smithwood.  Below is a family picture taken at Smithwood around 1910.   Smithwood extended from the current Camp Brown property all the way up to include the McCoy property.  Here is a family picture taken in front of the Smithwood house.  Good picture of the house but wish that the photographer had moved in a bit closer and taken a better photo of my ancestors.

Left to right Alice “Big Momma” Smith holding Alice “Sissy” Raley, J. Frank Raley Sr., J. Frank Smith, Lila Smith Beale, Eugenia “Mom” Smith Raley peeking from behind her husband James Harry Raley Sr.’s knee;  James Harry Raley Jr., my Grandfather, is seated on his father’s lap; Oden Bowie Smith.  The lineage goes – J. Frank and Alice Smith had 4 children Eugenia, Lila, Oden, and Alice who for some reason is not in this picture.  (Absent Alice is John Bohanan’s great grandmother.)  Eugenia married James Harry Raley and they had three children – J. Frank, Harry and Sissy.  Harry married my Grandmother Anna and they had my Mom whom they named  after Harry’s mother Eugenia.

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