Coyotes in Maryland

I saw the following advertised for last night:

“The Status of the Eastern Coyote” SEPTEMBER 7 – WEDNESDAY – 7:30 p.m.
Charlotte Hall Library, St. Mary’s County
JIM BENNETT, Habitat Manager, DNR-Wildlife and Heritage Service, Myrtle Grove WMA.
This presentation will cover how coyotes arrived in Maryland over the past several decades, where this species is present today and the relative numbers across the state. Some of the impacts seen will also be discussed. You’ll want to learn about this recent addition to our Maryland wildlife.
For some time now, the boys in Buzzy’s Country Store have been commenting about sighting coyotes with the rumor mill positing
that it was Maryland’s DNR that released the coyotes here.  Hopefully, Mr. Bennett addressed this question at last night’s meeting.  Here’s a DNR website with more info click here.  Still think that  C.O.Y.OT.E. is one of the all time best acronyms click here. Then again, Joni seems to be talking about two legged, male coyotes click here.

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