My Old School – Tried to Warn You

Only one week til the St. Michael’s School Cash Bash drawing.  You can buy your tickets online click here. Reminded me of my favorite Steely Dan tune (below.)  Songfacts  click here provides some interesting background and info on the song’s lyrics.  For instance, the line “Tried to warn you about Chino and Daddy G” refers to G. Gordon Liddy as a District Attorney readying a drug bust of Fagen and Becker when they were in college. (I can sort of relate to that since I too was busted in college albeit not by the G Man.)  Meantime, I may make it back to my old school before California does tumble into the sea.  Then again, with the East Coast earthquake activity we’ve been having, maybe that should read when California, Maryland tumbles into the sea.

Note: I might talk about the line “I did not think the girl could be so cruel” some other time.

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