September – Let’s Celebrate Everything!

With the Labor Day holiday, the start of the NFL season, the Buzzy Car Show, and several birthdays, September should be a fun month.  (August with its earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes reminded me of some women I’ve known – hot but way too crazy and too unpredictable.)  September features several birthdays in the Buzzy’s Country Store world leading off with my Godmother Peggy McMurray on 4 September. Duncan Leper has his on 5 September.  On the 6th, two of my “old” running mates, Pat Woodburn and Chuck Mettam cross into that Social Security decade.  Jim Gray and my Aunt Grace Ridgell who will turn 93 celebrate on the 8th.  On 9/11, in addition to having the Buzzy Car Show that day, we will celebrate David “Clutch” Raley’s birthday.  My cousin John Bohanan will celebrate his on the 12th.  Gary “Chop Chop” Norris’ birthday is on the 15th; Mary Porter’s is on the 16th;  Lou Gentry’s is on the 17th; Joe Cullison celebrates on the 22nd followed by Bobby Wright on the 23rd; Lori McKay and Donna Wheatley conclude a busy birthday month as they celebrate on the 25th. 

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