Good to Be Grand

Shawn, Mom, Reagan and Lily

Friday I attended Grandparents’ Day at the Ridge Elementary School with Shawn and Lily.   I didn’t get the word that this was going on until Friday morning and had originally planned on having lunch with my daughter Reagan.  Called her and turns out she was on the way to visit her Grandmother whom we contacted last minute also.  Thus, we all ended up at Ridge School to have lunch with Shawn and Lily.  (Picture left and I’ll do better next time getting the Grandkids to look up.  Forgot how easy it is to embarrass kids at their school)
As I sat in the lunch room with my Mom, my daughter and my grandkids it made think about how time really does fly.  While it seems like a long time ago that I was in grade school, because it was a long time I hear you say,  it seems like only yesterday that I was at school with Reagan for her parents’ day activities.  Reminded me of the following song written by Willie.  (Of course Willie has a good excuse for everything seeming like it was only yesterday!)

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