Joey Porter Artwork

I received a nice note from Debbie Drury on behalf of the Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad thanking the Buzzy Country Store Car Show attendees for their donation to the Rescue Squad.  On the day of the Car Show, Joey Porter, whom I’ve mentioned before (click here), raffled off one of his paintings and donated the proceeds to the Rescue Squad.  Joey’s painting was won by  Melissa Morgan who may or may not put it on display at her Scotland produce stand.   The note from Debbie read:
Thanks so much for thinking of us.  Glad the weather held out for you and the car show which I hear was a success.  Hope to be there next year.  You are a great bunch and we appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness,  Thanks!
I have several of Joey’s paintings for sale in the Store and it’s been fun selling them for him.  He even has a couple of “patrons” who come into Buzzy’s periodically, love Joey’s work and will buy just about anything  he produces.   Next time you’re this way, check it out.


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