Keith and Expiration Dates

Just finished reading Keith Richards’ autobiography Life (click here for review) and it was surprisingly good.  I say surprisingly because a) I wasn’t expecting much from Keith writing-wise and b) I didn’t think I would learn anything I didn’t already know about the Stones and their background.  (The latter called to mind the title of former Orioles’ manager Earl Weaver’s autobiography It’s What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts.)  
Keith details all the usual sex, drugs and rock and roll territory and does a nice job providing details on how he and Mick wrote many of their songs.  My one problem with him and the book is that he is a little too quick to throw his partner Mick under the bus and bad mouth him like he does.  Maybe someone should tell Keith about the Ridge boy code of friendship when it comes to dealing with someone you have known and been friends with all your lives: I know your secrets, you know mine and we don’t tell. 
But it did also make me think of something that I’d encountered recently about relationship expiration dates.  If products can have  expiration dates, maybe relationships should too (click here for more info.)  A couple was just in Buzzy’s Country Store this past Sunday discussing how they “re-marry” every 5 years with the understanding that it’s only a 5 year contract and they skip that til-death-do-us part vow.   (They re-marry each other every five years as opposed to those folks who trade in their spouses every five years for a newer model.) Maybe Keith and Mick need to do 5 year increments too. 
My favorite Keith solo song (below) is this one that sounds like he is talking about his relationship with Partner Mick.  But hey Keith, perhaps you are the one who shouldn’t be taking  it so hard.  (One of the video commentators here had a funny take:  “Little known fact, this was shot inside Keith’s head….yep, that’s what´╗┐ it looks like in Keith’s head and whats wrong with that!!!)

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