Life is Too Important to be Taken Seriously

I saw this Skylar Grey video the other day and was impressed by it and not because I particularly liked the song.  (At this stage of my life I’m sort of done with all of that teenage angst b.s. you know.)  What did impress me about the video however, is that it made me think of the famous  photo of the construction workers eating lunch while sitting on a beam.  Photo was taken by Charles Ebbets in 1932 as the workers paused for lunch while constructing the GE building in NewYork City,  For more info click here.

Hanging 10 (Or Make That 110)

Following is  from that Wikipedia link:

“In recent years, the identities of most of the subjects have been provided by their descendents or relatives. Counting from the left, the first man is Matty O’Shaughnessy from County Galway, Ireland. The third man is Austin Lawton of King’s Cove, Newfoundland and the fifth man is Claude Stagg of Catalina, Newfoundland….  The tenth man is Thomas Norton (born Naughton) of County Galway, Ireland. The eleventh man has been identified as both Patrick “Sonny” Glynn of County Galway, Ireland and Gusti Popovič, a Slovak from then Czechoslovakia.

Made me wonder if back then anyone said anything about all “all those immigrants” coming here and taking all of the jobs.  Ebetts also took some shots of the men sleeping on the job/beam.  Maybe Skylar should use that photo as her inspiration for a song/video about relaxing a little and not taking life so seriously. 

 Note that the ninth man above wearing the black gloves looks a little like my Granddaddy Ridgell.   (Those of you who knew him, do Control + to enlarge and see if you don’t agree that it looks a little  like him.)  However, since I think that this is the same dude in the middle of the sleeping picture, I know it’s not Granddaddy because he didn’t own any yellow pants.

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