November Buzzy Birthdays

John Carbone celebrates becoming a sexaganarian on 2 November.  Younger dudes John Eaker (the 4th) and Wes Demko (the 5th) celebrate a few days later.   Darlene Madjeski (8th,) Harry Wheatley and Wade Norris the 14th, Joan Holden (18th,) John Wayne Raley and Warren Burke (20th,) Mary Lou Cullison the 23rd.  Mike Raley also joins John Carbone in that “sex” club on the 23rd.  My niece Katie Taylor celebrates on the 25th and closing out the month – Bobby Cook’s b’day is on the 30th.  And with all those double digit birthdays, it’s nice to note that my Grand daughter Lily will turn 5 when she celebrates her’s on the 17th. 

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