Party Redux Pt. 2 or 3

R-L John Raley, Billy Fitzgerald, Me, Ray Raley, J. Frank and Mike (wearing a 60 beaded necklace given him by Bobby Wright who can be seen just over Mike’s shoulder in the background)

Here are a couple pictures taken  by my daughter Reagan at our Mary Lou/Mike/Anti-Thanksgiving party the other night.  (Mike is Reagan’s Godfather.)  Regarding things said re: my previous post, I have to correct something.  When my Mom told me that she had prompted some “nice young man in a ball cap who lives in RoDo Beach” to ask J. Frank for his autograph, I mistakenly assumed that it was Brian Barnhill when in fact it was Jay Riper.  (Jay comes down from Philly, is an opinionated Eagles’ fan and accordingly wasn’t the first person I thought of when my Mom described the individual she spoke to as being a “nice  young man.”)
One other clarification:  At the party, Ted Warren, husband of Mike’s sister Amy, told me that there really is an annual Anti-Thanksgiving Party held by Native Americans at Alcatraz Island.  (I found something on it at the following link click here.)  I explained to Ted that my calling  it an Anti-Thanksgiving Party was in reference to what we would or would not be serving food wise at the party and that it had nothing to do with politics.  Then again, we did have all those Raley’s at the party.  I can say that because I’m half a Raley.

John Wayne Raley, John Bohanan, Mike, Kim McKay

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