Paul Three Times

While looking for info on Breyers Ice Cream, long story that I’ll lay on you later, I stumbled upon their commercial (below) featuring the song “How Long.”  Since I’ve always liked that tune, I checked it out and was surprised to learn two things:  1) It was not about an unfaithful lover but about a fellow band member.   From Wikipedia: “While the lyrics seem to be from the point of view of a man confronting his unfaithful partner, lead singer Paul Carrack confirmed that he composed the song upon discovering that bassist Terry Comer had been secretly working with other bands. Comer returned to Ace in time to play on this song.”   

Second surprise was the discovery that Paul Carrack was also the lead singer on a couple of my other favorite tunes: the Squeeze song “Tempted” as well as on “The Living Years”  which I’ve cited in a previous post click here. That’s a pretty good trifecta for one lead singer with three different bands. Below, the Breyers Ice Cream commercial interpretation of “How Long” has a completely new “temptation” twist to it.

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