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Pam and I just returned from a trip to Italy.  We visited the Amalfi coast for several days before spending a couple of days in Rome where we caught up with our friends Lenore and John Carbone.  My cousin Jo Jo had been to the Coast a few years back and he provided us such excellent tips and advice that I’m trying to talk him into replacing Rick Steve’s Guidebooks with Joe White’s.  Great trip, beautiful sights and scenery, met some very nice folks and found the Italian people to be extremely friendly and gracious hosts.  

Can You Pick Out the Americano?

I could go on but instead would like to pull a “Kenny Dement” here and defer to someone else who also recently returned from Italy, and describes the experience far better than I ever could.  (By way of explanation, Kenny Dement when serving as County Commissioner would often have to follow Danny Raley in having to give comments on a given subject.  Danny would very articulately make his comments on the issue and then pass the mic to Kenny only to have Kenny utter, “Whatever he said.”   So here’s my Kenny Dement appreciation for how well Kaze summed up his Italy experience in the following link   click here.    (In his link, make note of Kaze’s pictures of him in Florence and a statue of some dude named David.  Then contrast that with my pics here of me in a liquor store with brothers Antonio and Luigi.  That Italy is a diverse place, no?)

“Hey, Antonio, you really should start stocking some 10 oz. Buds.”

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