Hillary and Flacco

Bobby Wright sent me this “Real Situation Room” picture (above) which is a photo shopped version of the powers that be watching the Bin Laden take down.  Hillary looks kind of hot as Wonder Woman or whomever she’s supposed to be here.  It reminded me of something my son Brady told me recently.  

He had just purchased a Joe Flacco Fathead and had it plastered on Shea’s man cave garage wall.  Since Flacco is 6′ 5″ it’s a pretty impressive sight on the wall.  Brady then told of doing some renovation work for “This 60 year old bachelor who had a Fathead of Hillary Clinton on his bedroom wall.  We finished that job as quickly as we could and got the hell out of there.”  (In case you’re not familiar with the Fathead phenomena, it’s a company that creates and sells life size cut out posters of sports stars, celebrities etc.  (click here for their website.)  Did make me think about what my Fathead wall hanging should be, but my wife Pam won’t go for it.

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