Joe Serendipity

Connie Lynch has been trying to sell her Dameron home for several months.   She mentioned in Buzzy’s Country Store last night that a friend has advised her to bury a statue of St. Joseph in her yard.
I’ve previously discussed this means to sell one’s house click here but checked it out a little more to find that there are now websites dedicated to that sort of thing.  Sample product at left is from the following

Being the eternal optimist/fatalist that I am, I see all of this Joe stuff as a very good sign.  On Wednesday of this coming week I’m heading to Lake Tahoe to check in with my buddy Joe Cullison.  And of more immediate concern, today we need to ensure that our boy Joe Flacco steps it up in the Ravens-Texans game.   (After last night’s Brady butt whipping maybe someone should have buried a St. Joe statue in Tim Tebow’s yard!  Then again, Tebow may not go in for all that superstitious religious mumbo jumbo would he?)

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