Tahoe Snow

As  stated in my previous post, Lake Tahoe is almost paradise.  I say almost because there is one small exception and that involves a four letter word – snow.  Unlike my buddy Greg Madjeski, who elected not to go with me to visit Joe at this time, primarily because there was no snow, I regarded no snow as a good thing.  On the plane ride out I smiled as I read this WSJ article (click here) about there being no snow at the Colorado and Nevada ski resorts such that they had taken to employing Native American snow makers to perform snow dances and ceremonies to try and make it snow.  

On Friday night in Tahoe, the annual Ullr’s Fest (above) was being held to pay homage to Ullr the Norse God of Winter and to beseech him to make it snow.  Don’t know if it was coincidence or what, but it started snowing that night and continued over the weekend until over 40  inches of snow fell in a three day period.    This Ullr must be a powerful dude.   Maybe someone should have a festival to ask him to focus on making world peace a reality.
Being the snowaphobe that I am, I beat feet out of Tahoe Saturday midday when there was “only” 6 inches or so of snow on the roads. With another 12-18 inches being forecasted, I drove down to Reno where it was sunny and clear.  Spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday checking out the Biggest Little City in the World.  Bottom line though, Reno is nothing more than a K-Mart Las Vegas.  Even with the piles of snow, Lake Tahoe has it all over Reno.  Ullr willing, I’ll go back to Tahoe someday.  May slot it more to spring or fall when I do so however.

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