Another Nice Place to Live

In response to my post the other day about Boone, N.C. being rated as a good retirement place, Jack Wise sent me this email on his adopted hometown in Wise, Virginia.  

“Wise County promotes itself as the safest place to live and it is a lot cheaper than Md. I retired to a 3 bedroom rancher with a detached 2 car garage on 2.5 acres which cost me $145,000 four years ago. My electric bill is half what I was paying in Md, and my taxes are lower. The pace of life is what it was in St. Mary’s County 30-40 years ago. The weather here is just as crazy as in Md., with 5 inches of snow on the ground Monday morning, which had almost all melted by sunset to an expected high of 70 degrees on Thursday. And the mountains are beautiful all 4 seasons. All my little valley needs is a country store close by.”

 May just have to do a road trip that way and check things out.  I can see it now “Buzzy’s Big Stone Gap Country Store.”
 (for more info on Wise County click here.)

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