Saving Junior’s Peaches

A Baltimore Sun article the other day discussed how Maryland fruit growers are worried about the potential damages that a frost would now bring click here. Well, we dodged the fore casted freezing temps the other night and I’m taking some of the credit for it.  I’ll explain.  

Last week I started to take down the Store’s winter time front door vestibule and joked with John Carbone “Now watch, as soon as I take this down, it will  turn cold again.” John advised,  “Well don’t do it because Junior Trossbach said that if we get another frost, he would lose 80% of his peach tree product.”  That said, I left the vestibule up right where it remains today and no frost.  Hey Junior, you owe me a jar of peach preserves.

 Then again Junior  is used to dealing with bad weather.  Check out this article on how he dealt with the effects of Hurricane Irene click here.

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