Lime-A-Rita / I'm-A-Ranting

A new Bud Light Lime product is being introduced – Bud Light Lime-a-Rita  May have to lay in a stash just for Buzzy’s Derby de Cinco party on 5 May.  Wonder if Anheuser was aware of timing the introduction with that event?

Side note just to vent a little.  I visit these beer and alcohol websites quite a lot just to keep up with what they’re doing.  Nearly all of them make their visitors do a age verification thing that pisses me off for two reasons:  1)  It’s a stupid waste of time in that any underage doofus can type in any date he/she wants to in order to gain access.  2) When I type my DOB in, it depresses me how far down I have to scroll to hit my year of birth.

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