The Real Thing

Buzzy’s Coke Case
From Pawnstars

This time of year the tourists start to roll back into Buzzy’s Country Store and the old Coke Case pops back up as an item for discussion.  Folks check it out, make some comment about how good it would look in their basement or say something along the lines, “I’d be glad to take that old thing off your hands.” 
I think this video from an episode of Pawnstars click here  may have something to do with the inquiries that I receive.  These cases are actually worth some money.   If they are restored, they can be worth four figure sums.  Thus, I guess I should take better care of it.  

As is, Capt. Greg Madjeski continues to perform guard duty on the Case from his customary spot.  (It also explains why the area by the red clean out box is slightly discolored from all those heels rubbing up against it.)

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