March Birthday’s – Spring’s on the Way

February may be my birthday month, but even with that highlight, it is probably my least favorite month of the year. Too damn cold and too damn much snow.

Conversely, March might just be my favorite month of the year.  Weather-wise, it comes in like a lion, but you have the comfort of knowing that spring is only a few weeks away.  Whereas cold weather in January/Febraury may mean that you’re in for several more weeks of nastiness, March has a nice little light at the end of its weather tunnel. 

Another reason I like March is that it celebrates the birthday of my eldest, Ryan who starts it off on March 2nd.  I usually visit her in Hawaii this time of year, but since she’s returning home next month for Brady and Catie’s wedding I held off this year making the trip there.  Looking back, I find that I didn’t make it out there last year either because of all the house renovations I had Duncan Lepper and the Adams boys doing.  As a result, I find that I’m suffering from HWS – Hawaii Withdrawal Syndrome.   

My Sunshine Girl

Other birthdays in the Buzzy family this month include my nephew Michael Hofmeister on the 8th, Wendy Dean on the 10th, Terri Yates on the 16th and Stevie Pratt on the 31st.  There is also that St. Paddy’s Day celebration in there on 17 March.

Back to the weather aspect for a minute, on March 20th we celebrate the first day of spring. 

Somewhere in all that I sense a party or two to be had at Buzzy’s Country Store.

Since this particular February was a month-long celebration of the Beatles’ coming to America 50 years ago, how about this for a spring time song from them:

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