Happy Memorial Day / Memorial Stadium

In honor of Memorial Day, here’s to a Stadium that bore the name well (click here.)  And thanks to son Brady I have a brick from the stadium (click here.) 

Still, it seems to me that something that was built as a memorial to our vets should have been better preserved instead of having being demolished as it was.  If motivated enough to do so, I could even make case about Memorial Stadium and its demise as being symbolic of how we really regard and treat our vets.  For a little while, like today, we may all say the right words about honoring and respecting our veterans, but in the long run…..  well, you get my drift. 

So Vets drink one on Buzzy today.  Tomorrow it’s back to “Pay me.”

As for what happened to the demolished Memorial Stadium here is this description from Wikipedia:

“The venerable and historic stadium was demolished over a ten-month period beginning in April 2001. Approximately 10,000 cubic yards of concrete rubble from it was used to build an artificial reef over a 6-acre site in the Chesapeake Bay three miles west of Tolchester Beach, Maryland in 2002.

Sorry, but there’s something about that, that ain’t quite right.  Happy Memorial Day.

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