Sam and Minnie

Speaking of Wonder Bread (my post the other day) someone reminded me that back in the day Buzzy also carried Bond Bread

Now that I think about it, I recall that the name of the Bond Bread deliverer was Sam.  We of course referred to him as Sam the Breadman.  He was always an upbeat,  whistling kind of guy, who would joke around with my brother Steve and me.  He was our favorite delivery dude as some of the other driver weren’t as cordial to us.  (Of course Buzzy would give all of the drivers  such a hard time, that I suspect some of them just didn’t like delivering to us at all, much less try and be friendly to a couple of smart ass kids.)

 The obvious tune to play here is something by Bread but that’s not going to happen since they are up there on my “S List” of artists and bands.  Whenever I would hear the DJ say “And now here is “Make it With You” by Bread I’d have a little contest with myself to see if I could turn the dial before the song began.  The other obvious one is “I Like Bread and Butter” but that’s on my S List too.  

How about then this Memphis Minnie tune (click here for her scratchy original) about baking biscuits.  Funny thing though, I’m not so sure that Minnie was talking about bread.

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