What Would Be Your Walk Up Music?

  Mike Fenhagen in a Nationals’ Hat?

Went to a Washington Nationals’ game the other day and during the game as each player came to bat and was introduced, a beginning of a song played.  Jayson Werth (left) had one playing for him that I recognized but couldn’t quite remember the rest of it or what song it was.  So just now I googled “Nationals songs when they come to bat” and found it with the correct reference being “Walk up music”  (click here.) Here then is Jayson’s list.  (For one of his at bats, “Werewolves of London” played and all of the crowd around me, young and old alike, seemed to enjoy and rock along with that one.)
The tune I recognized but didn’t was the Linkin Park one which I have for you here.  If for some reason though you now got Werewolves on your mind, click here.

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