Conversation With Shawn

CWS Friday went like this:

Shawn:  “Grand J, what’s a lady’s naked butt doing on your coffee cup?”
Me:  “What are you talking about? That’s a picture of Lincoln.”
Shawn:  “Unh-uh.  There’s a naked lady in there.”

I put on my cheaters, held the mug in the light and looked closely to see what Shawn was referring to.  I saw the derriere and of course I then had to hit the Google machine to see what was up with Dali’s sexing up of old Abe.  Turns out that the lady in the painting was Dali’s wife Gala (click here.)  Also, turns out that there were a number of these prints made click here.  I happened to have seen the second original in a St. Petersburg, Florida museum.

Funny thing is, I’d purchased this coffee cup (above) several years ago but had never really bothered to look closely at it to see it’s non-Lincolnesque qualities.  Got Grandson Shawn to thank for helping me get to the “bottom” of this.

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